Our Aims

Our Business Plan 2015-18 Aims

  1. Deliver organisational efficiency and effectiveness;

As we grow, we remain resolutely focused on delivering sound financial performance so that we are able to increase the range of services we provide for all of our current and future service users.

  1. Support greater self-sufficiency and independence for homeless men and women;

To deliver the high standards of support that all of our service users have a right to expect from us, we encourage a partnership with each one.

  1. Increase access to secondary move-on and permanent housing options;

Through our networks, we are developing partnerships with both private and public sector landlords to increase the number of units we have for permanent accommodation.

  1. Grow our business;

We are proud that we have long-standing support from a range of organisations and individuals who have helped us achieve our earlier successes.  We are actively seeking to extend our partnerships for the benefit of current and future service users.

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