Current Funding Needs and How Your Donation Helps
Branches is committed to providing specialist support and advice for homeless men and women. Many of the people we support have lost their self-confidence and the belief that they can live independently and successfully while managing their substance dependency or mental health.

We need your help to fund our work. Some of the priorities you may be able to help us with are following.

£50 will supply a Move-on Pack of essential household items when a service user  is ready for independence and moves on from Branches into their own accommodation.

Specialist Mental Health Provision
Over 45% of service users present with a specific diagnosed mental health support need.  Almost 90% of service users’ mental health has suffered as a result of being homeless, which in many cases means living on the streets and rough sleeping.  Employing a trained and experienced Mental Health Specialist enables us to provide targeted support to service users  that will help with their recovery and progress towards successful, independent living.

£15 will provide one counselling session with a mental health specialist.

Specialist Support for Alcohol and Substance dependency
Over 60% of service users have an alcohol and/or drug dependency. Employing a trained specialist means that we can provide an individual and focused approach for service users to help with their recovery.  Our specialists assess needs and determine appropriate intervention therapy, counselling or support.

£50 will contribute to weekly sessions for alcohol and/or substance dependency recovery programmes for 2 people.

Life-skills Development Programme
Alongside our health and wellbeing programmes, we support service users to build on forgotten skills or develop new skills for life including budgeting, cooking and home care. These new or re-learned skills help to give individuals a sense of renewed confidence and ability.

£72/£360 will contribute towards a six-week programme of Life Skills and Ready for Work training for 1 person/5 people.

If you are a UK tax payer, please do not forget to Gift Aid your donation.

Our fundraising
Over the past year we have begun to develop relationships with Charitable Trusts and Foundations who are interested in what we do and can support our work.  If you are a member of a Trust or Foundation that has an interest in homelessness and helping people with mental health issues, alcohol or drug dependency, we would like to hear from you.

Please contact our Fundraising and Development Manager at fundraising@wfcbranches.org.uk

£20 will provide a Welcome Pack of personal essentials for a homeless man or woman  arriving at Branches.

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