A Life-Enriching Experience


We have skilled and enthusiastic volunteers. They work closely with permanent staff and enhance the services we provide.  We are always looking for more volunteers to help us provide potentially life-changing opportunities for service users.

Can anyone volunteer?
We welcome volunteers who are aged 18 to 100!  We cannot accept volunteers under 18 because you would be volunteering with ‘vulnerable adults’ who have alcohol/substance use or mental health support needs. 

What is the time commitment?
Each of the volunteering sessions run from one to two hours, except for events volunteering, which we are asking for a two to four hour commitment.

Ideally we would want to have a minimum 6-month commitment from volunteers but we would still love to hear from you even if you can only commit to a one-off session.

Some of the volunteering opportunities we have:

Events’ volunteers
We are looking for people who could give 2 to 4 hours a day helping us host events either at Branches Hostel or locally at venues in Waltham Forest. You would be helping us set up tables, prepare and serve refreshments, do general tidying up after an event, or greeting visitors.

Food enthusiasts
You may already be working in catering or you just have a passion for cooking! Can you transfer that love of food to others whose skills range from not knowing how to boil an egg to those who want to learn how to prepare and cook nutritious food? We are looking for a range of volunteers who could help service users plan (budget on a low income), prepare and cook nutritious meals; or who could come in and prepare cooked breakfasts for up to 20 people; or who could prepare and serve a one-off evening meal.

Sports or fitness enthusiasts
You may be a coach, instructor, in your last year of a sports science degree, or just great in a particular sport and want to share your passion for sport with others. We are redeveloping our on-site gym and also have access to free swimming at a local fitness centre. Many of residents would try a sport, have a go in the gym or try yoga or other discipline if they had a ‘buddy’ to show them how. Could this be you?

Confidence building
Are you a life coach, mentor, consultant, an actor, a therapist? We are looking for volunteers who could commit to giving time helping service users re-gain their self confidence.

Have you been homeless, a substance user or former alcoholic? If you have, you know what our service users are going through as they strive to manage their addiction or deal with the life impact of being homeless. If you have mentored we would love to hear from you.

Green fingers!
We have a garden that residents have nurtured. Fortunately those residents have moved on and we now need help to keep the garden growing. Can you help?

Music and dance
Are you a musician, or do you know how to samba?! Some of our residents have a keen interest in music, which we’d like to help them develop.Their tastes vary from hip-hop to pop, to jazz and soul. There are aspirations to be involved in the music industry. Can you foster and help keep alive that enthusiasm?

Preparing for work
Are you in HR, do you do a lot of interviewing, could you help others put together a great CV? Many of our service users face looking for work for the first time in many years. This is a daunting prospect for them. We’d love to hear from you if you could share your knowledge and skills in these areas and help service users in their steps towards employment.

Are you good with your hands? Do you like fixing things or getting them to work?You may be a bike enthusiast, a mechanic, a plumber, an electrician or have  another skilled trade. If you want to share your skills and knowledge in these areas, please contact us.

Many of our service users struggle with literacy. Are you a book lover, an English teacher or a literacy tutor? Could you help people develop their reading and writing skills? Could you enthuse others to develop a love of reading and the written word?

Arts and crafts
Are you a seamstress, a tailor, quilt maker or have another arts and craft skill that you could share?

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch. We have provided an application form for volunteering below. It would be great to hear from you!

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