Encouraging, challenging and facilitating changes that individuals want to achieve in their lives

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Branches Hostel – Facilities

27 en-suite bedrooms, including one disabled accessible room, with each room giving space and privacy when it’s needed.  We have a professional-grade kitchen where residents can cook their own meals, take part in preparing meals, and attend cooking sessions.  We have enthusiastic teams of volunteers who provide evening meals.

We have an IT Suite available seven days a week for current and former residents. The dining area and TV lounge are the focal point of daily life at Branches Hostel. Our leisure facilities include a gym and a garden area, which green-fingered clients have transformed.  Our library has a huge range of literature.

The Referrals Process

We do not take direct self-referrals. Our main referral routes are through Waltham Forest Housing and London Street Rescue. We also accept referrals from other agencies that provide support to street homeless or rough sleepers, and from neighbouring local authorities – Enfield, Haringey, Hackney, Redbridge, and Newham.

If you want to make a referral please complete the appropriate Referral Form.

Key Worker Support

Every individual staying at Branches Hostel will have day-to-day support through formal and informal sessions with a Support Worker.  We cannot make life changes for any individual, but we will facilitate, challenge and encourage anyone who wants to try and make changes in their lives during their stay at Branches Hostel.

Our Support Worker Team has a broad range of experiences and support skills in mental health and substance misuse. The team provides advice on housing, welfare benefits, employment, volunteering and training opportunities, and advocates on behalf of residents.  Support Workers link with other specialist agencies offering clinical interventions and rehabilitation services for substance users.

Outcomes based recovery

Anyone who is trying to make changes in his or her life needs to know how well, or not so well, they are progressing. We use the Outcomes Star system to monitor and evidence the progress that is made.  This approach also enables individuals to see the progress they are making for themselves towards achieving a more self-sufficient and independent life.

Health and Wellbeing

Many individuals in Branches Hostel have mental health, drug or alcohol dependency. Residents can access mental health therapies, stress management programmes, group and one-one substance dependency sessions, dental and eye care. We offer programmes in-house and through our partnerships with other agencies working with homeless people.  We run healthy lifestyles sessions including nutrition, meal planning and preparation.


Managing money: Being able to live on a limited income is a huge challenge. We have a regular programme of budgeting and managing money courses, which all residents attend.  The programme supports learning or improving the financial skills needed to manage daily life on a limited income.  Courses include advice on how to reduce unnecessary expenditure, planning for future expenditure and developing saving plans.

Healthy Eating and Diet: Supporting people to achieve and maintain a healthy diet is a key part of recovery for many residents. We provide sessions covering nutrition, meal planning and preparation.  We run separate cooking courses covering the basics through to more advanced meal preparation.

Employment and Volunteering Opportunities

We have great partnerships with other charities, local businesses, colleges and local government sectors providing access to volunteering, training, education or employment opportunities.

Personal Development Programmes

Every individual we support at Branches Hostel has an agreed personal development plan. The plan sets out what an individual wants to achieve during a stay at Branches Hostel. This may include re-uniting with family, reducing or stopping substance use, taking up formal education, training or re-skilling, or getting a job.


We are developing a mentoring programme to be run by former service users, for current residents. We aim to have the programme in place by March 2019. Watch this space!

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